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Streamflow provides Web3 teams with the infrastructure to distribute value programmatically.

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Streamflow allows NFT creators to configure cost-efficient, automated token distributions

Use Streamflow’s SDK to create a custom dApp and enable automated reward payouts to NFT stakers.

Teams can lock up their tokens and NFTs to vest or airdrop to their community at a later date.

NFT creators can create a Multi-sig Wallet using Streamflow to secure their funds on-chain and maintain transparency with their community.

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Streamflow provides GameFi projects with a platform to manage their projects finances

GameFi project’s can integrate with Streamflow’s SDK to distribute rewards to users triggered by the completion of in-game achievements

GameFi teams can establish an on-chain payroll system using Streamflow’s Payroll app

Vest your project tokens according to a vesting schedule, and schedule unlocks in any increment of time

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Streamflow provides an all-in-one token operations platform for DeFi teams operating in Web3

Automate processes like dollar cost averaging and compounding interest for your dApp, using Streamflow’s SDK

Establish an on-chain payroll system for your team using Streamflow’s Payroll app

Vest your project’s governance tokens linearly and automate unlocks to stakeholders and contributors using Streamflow’s Vesting app

Launch a Streamflow Multi-signature Wallet to secure your treasury on-chain

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Leverage our powerful incentive alignment layer from token vesting, token locks, airdrops and payroll contracts.

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