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Streamflow provides a central hub for teams to handle their finances including payroll, token vesting, and multi-signature treasuries.

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Streamflow provides a cost-efficient payroll solution for Web3 teams operating globally. Take the hassle out of setting up payroll, and automate it.

During pay periods you can Issue payouts to employees in any increment of time— by the minute, the hour, the week, etc.

Payroll streams allow you to run your payroll department at fraction of the cost of Tradfi solutions —Reducing your company’s overhead costs.

Setup payroll for multiple employees at once using our batch payments feature.

Token Vesting

Vest your project’s tokens on-chain seamlessly using our battle-tested vesting app. You can vest SPL tokens and NFTs to contributors, team members, or the community, according to a schedule.

Avoid large periodic unlocks by using Streamflow to unlock value to stakeholders and contributors gradually by the: minute, hour, week etc.

Our vesting app allows you to set cliff dates that extend the lockup time before funds are vested.

Using Streamflow allows you to vest tokens on-chain and keep your community up-to-date with all unlocks and transactions via the Solana Block Explorer.

Multi-signature Wallet

Securely store and manage joint funds with team members. Whether your looking to establish a treasury, or safe-gaurd a project budget, teams can govern their funds, and decide on distributions collectively using our Multisig app.

Our multisig app is fully equipped with streaming capabilities allowing members to send funds securely, and cost-efficiently directly from the wallet.

Multisig wallets require that members come together to approve transactions which helps to promote a greater sense of collective ownership— increasing security in the process.

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