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Streamflow provides a central hub for Web3 teams to handle their finances including payroll, token vesting, and multi-signature treasuries.

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Streamflow provides a cost-efficient payroll solution for Web3 teams operating globally. Enjoy hassle-free payroll processing and keep your team happy with timely payments.

Issue real-time payments

Reduce payroll costs

Save setup time with our batch payments creation feature

Token Vesting

Vest your project’s tokens seamlessly to the community and contributors on-chain using our battle-tested smart contracts.

Automate token unlocks to progressively release funds to recipients

Set cliff dates to specify a ‘lockup’ time before funds are vested.

Keep your community up-to-date with all transactions via Blockchain Explorers

Multi-signature Wallet

Whether you're looking to establish a treasury or safeguard a project budget, teams can govern their funds, and decide on distributions collectively using our Multi-sig app.

Automate payment streams directly from your multi-sig wallet

Collectively manage funds with your team —increasing security along the way

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Store your team's tokens for safekeeping, and distribute them efficiently when the time comes.