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JUN 2021

Streamflow was founded

JUN 2021

Live on Devnet

NOV 2021

Live on Mainnet

JAN 2022

$3.1 Million Seed Round Raised

MAR 2022

First Partnership: HTO

JUN 2022

$100 million in TVL

JUL 2022

Developer Grant Programme Launch

AUG 2022

Streamflow becomes #1 token streaming platform on Solana

OCT 2022

$500 million TVL

NOV 2022

5,000 Twitter Followers

NOV 2022

35 Trusted Partners

DEC 2022

$25,000,000 Streamed Using Our Platform

Our Team

Streamflowers are curious, talented and ambitious glass eaters that are in love with new technologies. They believe in technology being utilized to make people's lives easier.

Meet The Stream Team

The Streamflow team is a passionate, dedicated team of glass eaters with a strong belief in the larger vision of the streaming primitive and driven to
unlock this value for the world.


Software Development


QA, Automation,


BD & Operations






SE Intern


Product, Support & BD


Software Development








The Glue aka CEO

Our Values

The principals that we as a team and company live by every day.


Doing the right thing even when nobody's watching.


Do what you said you would do.


Push until the job is done.


Do today what others won't, so tomorrow, you can do what others can't.

Receptive to Feedback

Take feedback in order to grow.


Harsh truth — we don't have time to over-explain and oversimplify concepts, teammate needs to think fast, learn fast, adapt fast, and execute fast.


You're not a jerk.

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A globally distributed family of likeminded individuals with a passion for Web3 and a common mission

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