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Affordable and automated payroll

Streamflow provides organizations with a low-cost and efficient payroll solution for processing remittances to employees and contractors globally.

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Providing payment infrastructure for Web3 projects

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Tulip Protocol

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Grape Protocol

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Jungle DeFi

Real-time payments for distributed teams

Using Streamflow, teams can set up payroll cost-effectively and automate real-time payments, resulting in reduced payroll expenses and increased employee satisfaction.

Continuous Release of Value

Issue real-time payments

Specify the total amount of funds each employee receives during a pay period, and your desired payout frequency (weekly, daily, hourly, etc.), and let our automation take care of the rest.

Low-Cost Payments

Reduce payroll costs

Create low-cost payment streams that incur a one-time fee of .25% to automate the release of funds without additional configurations or costs.

Batch Create Stream

Program employee payroll in batches

Set up payment streams for your entire team in a matter of minutes using Streamflow’s batch payments creation feature.

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Tulip Protocol

Jungle DeFi

Stream To-Up

Crypto-to-fiat currency off-ramp

Enable employees to convert crypto to fiat currency and deposit it in their bank accounts in one transaction.

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