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Heavenland is a Metaverse (virtual world) project on Solana

Tokens Vested

488M $HTO

Vesting Duration

5 Years

Vested Through Streamflow

97% Supply


The $HTO token, Heavenland's native currency, fuels the Heavenland metaverse ecosystem. $HTO is used in Heavenland’s NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs representing land, or avatars. Holders can also choose to stake their $HTO tokens and receive $HTO staking rewards and governance voting power which allows them to take part in the project’s decision-making process.

As the metaverse evolves, Heavenland is seeking to expand the number of uses of $HTO.


Heavenland required token vesting services to align the incentives of stakeholders and the team, as well as, equip its ecosystem with liquidity to encourage users to interact with the marketplace.


With Streamflow’s Vesting app, Heavenland set up token vesting contracts to distribute the $HTO token to 5 groups linearly on a 5-year vesting schedule in a manner that provided enough initial liquidity to the market without overly inflating the total supply.


Heavenland automated token vesting to 5 groups on a 5-year linear vesting schedule. Each vesting group has its own purpose whether it be to compensate team members, or to provide staking rewards to a liquidity pool. Hevanland’s vesting groups consist of:

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