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Aptos is a scalable next-gen L1 solution.

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Consensus Mechanism

Diem Byzantine Fault Tolerant (dBFT) Proof of Stake (POS)

Programming Language

Aptos is written Move, which is based on Rust. Move emphasizes scarcity and access control. As an interpreted language, Move doesn’t have a compiler, and as a result no compiler bugs — providing more security. Similar to Rust, Move also allows for higher throughput with parallel processing.

Network Features

Move VM

Aptos uses the Move virtual machine (Move VM) for executing operations. Aptos delegates all operations to Move, including account creation, fund transfer, and publishing Move modules. The Move language is designed for safe resource management and verifiable execution. Move ensures that the output of transaction execution is completely predictable and based only on the information contained within the transaction and current ledger state. Additionally, Move is metered which provides defense against denial of service attacks at the transaction execution level.

Speed — dBFT consensus Protocol

The Aptos blockchain consists of validator nodes that run, DiemBFT v4, a consensus protocol. The consensus protocol agrees upon the ordering of transactions and their output when executed on the Move VM. DiemBFT v4 allows for blocks to be committed in as few as two network round-trips, allowing for sub-second finality.


Aptos uses Rust and Move for implementing the protocol and smart contract logic, which prevents certain attacks out of the box. Move is modularized — packaged for repeated use and implementation—and the Aptos team has identified a minimal trusted computing base (TCB) that isolates critical security properties. Modularity and the use of a TCB allow the Aptos team to mitigate risk efficiently. To mitigate against key theft, Aptos supports the ability for any account to rotate its private key. Validators can also periodically rotate their consensus key as well for increased security.

User Friendly

Aptos’ Blockchain explorer is easily readable, and transactions are labelled as swaps, transfers etc.


Token Vesting

Access Streamflow for token vesting on Aptos.

Token Streaming

Access Streafmlow for token distribution and token streaming on Aptos

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