Platform for streaming payments

We are bringing Streams to the Solana ecosystem.


A Stream is a DeFi primitive that represents a progressively released payment. It's a powerful concept that serves as a building block for various payment-related solutions.


Continuous streams provide a modern alternative to the traditional payroll system where salaries are paid once a month.
This solution can also serve as an escrow service when trust isn't yet established between the parties.

Vesting contracts

Vesting is a perfect application of a stream. You can set the custom rate and release/unlock date(s). This is what we'll be focusing on next.

Services billed per time unit

Pay per usage. Consulting, live events and concerts, premium audio/video content, bike renting or even parking. Deposit the funds and stop the stream once the service ends.

Fundraising & donations

More control to the donors and supporters! Supporters now have the option to donate progressively and track the project's progress over time instead of donating all the funds upfront at once.


StreamFlow Finance is built on Solana and this allows for many benefits.

Trustless & Verifiable

All of our code is free and open-source and everyone can audit it and see what's going on.

Decentralized & Immutable

The platform is censorship resistant and fully decentralized by the design.


Solana's cheap and ultra-fast transactions make stream creation, withdrawal and canceling realtime.


The data is either on chain or in your browser, we don't store anything.

Friedrich Nietzsche

I've been using StreamFlow to continuously stream my thoughts into the greatest wisdom humans can comprehend.

Friedrich Nietzsche

CEO of StreamThought, GmbH

Humans behind the tech

Meet the #BUIDLers

We're problem solvers and builders with over 10 years of experience.

This project was created during the Solana Season hackathon. #HODL #BUIDL #DeFi