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Helping organizations to distribute value and align incentives efficiently.

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Product Suite

Token Vesting

Open-source, auditable, verifiable and programmable token vesting solution with a cliff date and an arbitrary number of schedules (release rate).

Transferable, too.

Stream Payments

A financial primitive that represents a progressively released payment in the form of time-lock escrow account.

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Batch Payments

Payroll or reward distribution for crypto natives, including one-to-many payments.

Multisig Vaults

Manage treasuries and vaults that require M/N signatures.

About Streams

A powerful primitive that serves as a building block for various payment-related solutions.

Low-risk trial period

Escrow service when trust isn't yet established between the parties. Stream is initialized for the trial period and can be stopped by the initiator (employer) at any moment if a decision to stop working with the beneficiary (contractor) is made.

Payroll v2

Continuous streams provide a modern alternative to the traditional payroll system where salaries are generally paid once (or twice) a month.

Services billed per time unit

Pay per usage. Consulting, live events and concerts, premium audio/video content, bike renting or even parking. Deposit the funds and stop the stream once the service ends.

Fundraising & donations

More control to the donors and supporters! Supporters now have the option to donate progressively and track the project's progress over time instead of donating all the funds upfront at once.


Q2 2021

  • Idea inception
  • Initial team formation
  • Solana Season Hackathon
  • MVP on devnet

Q3 2021

  • Project scope expansion
  • Initial partnerships
  • Team expansion
  • Streams Mainnet launch

Q4 2021

  • SPL token streaming
  • Token vesting
  • Crypto Payroll
  • Vaults (multisig)

Q1 2022

  • Lending protocol integration
  • Going cross-chain
  • Exploring integration with payroll providers
  • ...more to come

Roadmap is subject to change and expansion.

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