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UXD Protocol

UXD is a decentralized stablecoin, backed 100% by a delta-neutral position.

Token Vested


Vesting Duration

4 Years

Vested Through Streamflow

46.9% Supply


UXD Protocol issues a collateralized decentralized stablecoin, $UXD, backed by a delta-neutral position consisting of various assets.

$UXP is UXD protocol’s governance token and is used to vote on proposals for $UXD. Proposal subject matters can range from selecting assets as collateral for the underlying delta-neutral position, adjusting the funding rate, or implementing asset management strategies for $UXD, among other things. $UXP holders also earn interest from the underlying positions used to secure $UXD.


UXD protocol needed to implement a vesting system to transparently compensate investors and team members from its DAO portal using $UXP.


UXD protocol integrated Streamflow’s software developer kit (SDK) to set up a customized vesting stream for its partners directly from its DAO portal.


UXD protocol used Streamflow to automate token vesting to its investors and team members on a 4-year linear vesting schedule. All parties were subject to a one-year cliff, but seed investors are receiving their total allocation linearly over 1-year rather than the three years that the team and pre-seed investors are undergoing.

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