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Payment Streams?

Payment streams are special timelock contracts —smart contracts— that disperse value (crypto) to a recipient on a schedule set by the sender. Senders can program the contract to release value in any increment of time. Payment streams are ideal for recurring payments like payroll, token vesting, and cross-border remittances.

Teams looking for a low-cost, yet high-performance method of payment can use Streamflow to run their organization's finances.

At Streamflow, we aim to provide the necessary payment infrastructure for all blockchain-based projects —making us carta for Web3.



Using Streamflow, senders and recipients can access payment information —amount sent, amount to be sent, etc. All payments are also recorded on a public ledger via the blockchain —serving as confirmation of payment.


Streamflow’s smart contracts are fully audited and all payment streams inherit our platform's security. Teams looking for additional security can use our Multi-signature Wallet app to manage team funds.


Payment streams allow you to automate multiple payments through one transaction —helping to avoid multiple transaction fees.


Payroll Streaming

Crypto payroll for distributed teams. Reduce payroll costs and enable real-time payments using Streamflow.

Token Vesting

Token vesting made simple. Create vesting contracts to distribute funds to multiple recipients programmatically.


Multi-signature treasury management for Web3 teams. Use Streamflow’s multi-sig to securely manage team funds.

Custom Solutions

Projects can integrate Streamflow’s software development kit (SDK) to power features like reward distribution systems for games or claim portals for airdrops to the community.



Aptos is a next-gen L1 scaling solution built using the Move language which grants Aptos unparalleled security and enhanced user experience. Aptos-native projects can use Streamflow for payment streams and token vesting.


Solana is an L1 scaling solution with a Proof of History (POH) architecture —A hybrid of Proof of Stake. Streamflow is the #1 token vesting solution on Solana allowing users to vest tokens and stream payments.

Binance Smart Chain

BNB Smart Chain (BSC) is an L1 blockchain solution that runs in parallel to the Binance beacon chain (a Cosmos blockchain), which controls governance —staking and voting— for BSC.


Ethereum is the leading L1 blockchain solution. Ethereum is written in Solidity, EVMs smart contract language. Solidity is a compiled language that allows EVM chains to have a fast runtime.


Polygon is an Ethereum L2 scaling solution featuring an innovative 3 layer architecture allowing it to leverage Ethereum’s mainnet for unparalleled security, scalability and speed.

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