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Bonk token

Bonk is a community-centered meme coin on Solana

Token Vested


Vesting Duration

3 Years

Vesting Setup Time

1.5 Hours


Bonk was designed to provide liquidity and users to new and existing Protocols on Solana in an effort to combat previous Solana projects sold to the community at high valuations. As such, Bonk's means of distribution was paramount as it played an important role in the project's overall ethos.


The Bonk team needed to create on-chain, easily understandable vesting schedules to compensate its early contributors and allow the end user to see where the tokens were being circulated.


With Streamflow’s Vesting app, the Bonk team set up vesting for its early contributors which allowed anyone to keep up with the on-chain vesting schedule, maintaining a level of trust and transparency with the community.


Bonk airdropped the majority of its tokens to the community, leaving roughly 45% for operation costs. Of that 45%, 20% was distributed to Bonk’s early contributors using Streamflow.

Bonk automated token vesting to its 22 early contributors on a 3-year linear vesting schedule compensating users that have provided artwork, token design, marketing, and more to the Bonk project. Additionally, Bonk’s token release brought a wave of new users and activity onto the blockchain, breathing new life into Solana.

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