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Streamflow’s protocol is a powerful and highly configurable streaming primitive ready to power your next project.

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Powering streams for Solana projects





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Build on Streamflow for every use case

The streaming primitive is a greenfield of possibilities

Stock Grants

Vest tokens with ease


Pay or get paid every second


Pay subscriptions only for time used

Direct Payments

Send & receive a direct stream

Employee Trial Period

Pay only while trial is active

Automated Investing

Ongoing investing on auto-pilot

Pay Per Service

Start & stop stream once service ends.


Pay parking only for time used


Stream tokens during service

Live Events

Stream tokens to attendees

Travel Rentals

Pay rentals for bikes, scooters, cars


Receive donations in real time


Fundraise with milestone unlocks

Family Allowance

Stream allowance over time

Pension Plans

Set cliff with gradual unlock

Rent Payments

Pay pro rata

...and many more.

Fully featured, powerful streams

The Streamflow protocol unlocks a host of exciting configurable transaction types - waiting to be explored!

Create Stream

Create Stream

Create a stream to direct value from one wallet to another

Batch Create Stream

Batch Create Stream

Users can initiate streams to multiple recipients at once - with no limits

Withdraw from Stream

Withdraw from Stream

Set how the recipient can withdraw their unlocked value to their address.

Top Stream Up

Top Stream Up

Need to add more funds to an ongoing stream?- ‘Top up’ your streams to increase the value of an existing contract.

Transfer Stream

Transfer Stream

Users can transfer active streams to other SPL wallets

Cancel Stream

Cancel Stream

The creator of each stream can cancel at anytime, returning locked funds to the sender.

Get Unlocked Amount

Get Unlocked Amount

Tokens become “unlocked” when they’re released from the contract. Users have the ability to influence the delivery of tokens as they unlock.

Build with Streamflow

Check out our SDK and other developer resources in our documentation.