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Streamflow unlocks efficient token vesting and payroll for Web3 teams.

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What can you do with Streamflow?

Streamflow provides a product suite every organization can use to manage team finances. This suite includes token vesting, payroll,
and batch payments, all on top of a secure multi-signature wallet.


Token Vesting

Token vesting with Streamflow offers powerful features
like cliff dates, transferrable streams, automatic
withdrawals and much more.
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Stream Payments

Streaming payments offers a great opportunity for payroll.
Employees can withdraw their salary as they earn it, or wait
and have it automatically sent to their wallet at the end of the
payment period.
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Multi-Signature Wallet


Streamflow's multi-sig allows teams to safeguard funds,
and manage their payments and vesting with confidence.

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Test In Devnet Mode

Use the Sandbox mode to create test contracts and ensure
everything is perfect before streaming funds on Mainnet.


Different Networks

Streamflow is proud to offer its token distribution platform
on multiple blockchains, providing users with greater flexibility and accessibility. Our platform is currently live on the following blockchains:






We believe that by supporting multiple blockchains, we can
help drive adoption and innovation in the blockchain
industry, and make it easier for people to access the benefits
of decentralized finance.

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Build on Streamflow

Use our SDK to enable your dApp with payment streaming features or create a novel use case.

Pay per time (gym, parking meter)
Milestone based donation
Work trails with cancellation
Vesting contract auctions

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Find Us On Solana Docs

You can find Streamflow listed in the official Solana documentation under ‘token vesting’. We have worked hard to drive the streaming primitive forward
on Solana and are honored to be acknowledged.

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What Others Say


While on a mission to deliver best-in-class token vesting and streaming payments, we've been lucky to have some fantastic customers.
They've said some nice things about us along the way.

Streamflow offered Compendium complete token vesting options for our token vesting contract. We chose Streamflow over other products in the Solana ecosystem due to its ease of use and the additional options the user can employ when creating a vesting contract. Try to find another token vesting platform that provides this customizability. I'll wait.

Compendium Finance

It's awesome. Smoothest streaming & vesting dApp around. Very easy to use.

Grape Protocol

Setting up vesting schedules was very quick and easy! The team is very professional. Looking forward to use Streamflow again, and again! :)


Useful platform and simple to use.


Streamflow is great and trustworthy technology for managing for vesting and token locks


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Meet The Stream Team


The Streamflow team is a passionate, dedicated team of glass eaters with a strong belief in the larger vision of the streaming primitive and driven to
unlock this value for the world.


Software Development


QA, Automation,


BD & Operations






SE Intern


Product, Support & BD


Software Development








Software Development


The Glue aka CEO

Tweets About Streamflow

What People Are Saying About Us On Twitter

Keep your eye out on @streamflow_fi, we’re stoked for the things the team has planned, which will be announced in due time. @t3eventures will continue to work closely and support the team in bringing more innovative ways to streaming on @solana. Stay tuned!

Congrats! ! @streamflow_fi Happy to see our new partner had raised 3.1M.

We have elected to use @streamflow_fi for all our token vesting. Their UI is so easy to use it feels like web2. We feel like this is what most web3 apps will feel like in 3 yrs. The era of the @bonfida token vesting contract is over. It did great work, but it has been surpassed.

congrats, very bullish on this team/protocol

Proud to be part of @streamflow_fi $3.1M raise and back a top team who are bringing streamed token vesting, payroll and batch payments to #solana

Take control with #Streamflow

Looking forward to using this product ourselves as well as with our portfolio projects!

Major glass eaters, happy to be involved 🤝@streamflow_fi

Stoked to back the @streamflow_fi team as they continue to build a critical primitive on Solana. @imprfekt is a true builder with the kind of persistence and determination you’d back every day of the week

shoutout to the @streamflow_fi team

we were having an issue pointing a stream contract at our multisig addy and they pushed out a fix within a week

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