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Expand your community offerings by integrating with the Streamflow SDK to access on-chain payments, including lock-drop NFTs, token airdrops, and more. With Streamflow, you can distribute assets to community members securely and transparently.

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Build better community experiences

Use Streamflow to incentivize NFT holders through novel rewards systems and vesting models. Build a custom solution with the Streamflow SDK or use our app to set up programmable payments to reward community members for their active engagement.

Optimize NFT & Token Distribution

Optimize NFT & Token Distribution

Streamline the distribution of NFTs and tokens to your community members using programmable payments, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both creators and collectors.



Create hundreds of contracts in a matter of minutes, using our batch payments creation feature.

Lock-drop NFTs

Lock NFTs for distribution to your community until a later date.

Implement Customizable Rewards systems

Implement Customizable Rewards systems

Integrate Streamflow’s SDK with your existing systems to unlock reward systems tailored to your community's needs. Streamflow offers various ways to encourage holder participation, such as vested rewards and real-time streaming payments.


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Cultivate Sustainable Project Growth

Cultivate Sustainable Project Growth

Set up vesting contracts for your NFT project’s currency to incentivize token holders to maintain long-term commitment. Vesting schedules allow tokens to be gradually released over a predefined period, encouraging holders to stay invested and engaged in the project's journey.

Boost Project Security & Transparency

With Streamflow, you can establish a secure environment where community members and stakeholders can track their funds and verify on-chain transactions in real-time.

Build Trust through verifiable transactions

Build Trust through verifiable transactions

Streamflow’s unified dashboard ensures that community members have peace of mind as they track their funds and verify on-chain transactions in real-time.

Ensure the security of all assets

Ensure the security of all assets

Our smart contracts undergo comprehensive audits to guarantee their reliability, ensuring a secure and transparent environment for you to manage and distribute assets.

Manage funds

Manage funds and program upgrades with your team

Solana users can leverage our multi-sig wallet, which offers a secure on-chain treasury. Our multi-sig wallets seamlessly integrate with Squads Protocol, enabling access to a wide range of additional features such as swaps, team-managed program upgrades, and more.

Take your NFT project to the next level with Streamflow

Check out our SDK and other developer resources in our documentation.

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