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Heavenland distributes metaverse currency using Streamflow

Heavenland is a Metaverse Built on Solana, Enabling Virtual Experiences, Token Rewards, and NFTs. Heavenland's economy revolves around the $HTO token. With thousands of community members, Heavenland required an efficient token distribution system to simplify $HTO token operations.

Tokens Vested

488M $HTO

Vesting Schedule Duration

5 Years

Vested Through Streamflow

97% Supply


With the launch of its metaverse coming up, Heavenland required a solution to streamline the distribution of $HTO to its ecosystem (team members, incentives, treasury, etc.). The team was conscious of the need to implement a linear vesting schedule to foster trust within their community.


To address this challenge, Heavenland collaborated with Streamflow to develop complex vesting contracts, ensuring the following:



With Streamflow, Heavenland successfully automated vesting contracts for 97% of its token supply, following a 5-year linear vesting schedule. All allocations are subject to cliffs (a lockup period before funds are vested). This approach guarantees that all allocations receive adequate initial liquidity (to participate in the ecosystem) without causing excessive inflation by circulating too many tokens at once.

Heavenland chart

The implementation of Streamflow's vesting contracts has been a game-changer for Heavenland. The community has expressed gratitude for the transparent and equitable distribution of tokens, resulting in a more engaged and dedicated player community.


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