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Bonk streamlines token compensation for its core team using Streamflow

Bonk is a meme-coin created to address the issue of Solana projects being sold at high valuations. Its primary goal is to enhance liquidity and attract users to the Solana ecosystem. Bonk partnered with Streamflow for Transparent Token Distribution to its Core Team.

Tokens Vested


Vesting Schedule Duration

3 Years

Vesting Setup Time

1.5 Hours


As a community-centered meme-coin, the Bonk team allocated 55% of $BONK’s supply for airdrops to early Solana users, while reserving the remaining supply for early contributors (core team) and operational expenses. To highlight the core team's long-term commitment to the project and community, the Bonk team placed special emphasis on implementing an on-chain token vesting schedule.


To address this challenge, Bonk leveraged Streamflow to create vesting contracts for the core team's token allocations. This approach ensured a transparent and automated distribution process, demonstrating the team's commitment and alignment with the project and community over the long term.



Using Streamflow, Bonk has implemented a vesting mechanism for 20% of its total supply, allocated to its 22 early contributors (core team), following a 3-year linear vesting schedule.

Bonk chart

Collaborating with Streamflow, the Bonk team successfully created vesting contracts to compensate early contributors who have made significant contributions to the project, including artwork, token design, marketing, and various other areas crucial to the success of Bonk. Implementing linear vesting schedules has fostered trust and transparency within the Bonk community.


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