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Expand your community offerings by integrating with the Streamflow SDK to access on-chain payments, including lock-drop NFTs, token airdrops, and more. With Streamflow, you can distribute assets to community members securely and transparently.

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Enhance your NFT project with streams

Need to lock up NFTs for a period of time? or Have you released a companion token for your NFT project? With the streamflow vesting app, you can create an on-chain vesting contract of your tokens or NFTs so your community can view transactions and follow your designated schedule.

Streaming Primitive

Streaming Primitive

With our streaming primitive you can issue payments to users by the: minute, hour, week, month, etc. No matter the schedule, Streamflow allows you to distribute assets securely and cost-efficiently.

Lock drop NFT

Lock drop NFT

Use the Streamflow vesting app to lock NFTs for distribution to your community until a later date

NFT project currencies

NFT project currencies

Do you have a token accompanying your NFT project? Use the Streamflow vesting app to distribute your tokens to NFT stakers or team members programmatically.

Airdrop NFTs or tokens

Airdrop NFTs or tokens

Do you need to airdrop tokens or NFTs to hundreds or thousands of recipients? Use Streamflow’s batch contract creation for vesting streams to create hundreds of vesting contracts in a matter of minutes!

Multi-signature Walet


Secure your team’s treasury and NFTs and distribute them to the community when the time is right, using Streamflow’s Multi-sig Wallet app. Once created, you can access your Multi-sig from Squads’ dashboard allowing access to further integrations with dApps like Magic Eden.

Take your NFT project to the next level with Streamflow

Check out our SDK and other developer resources in our documentation.